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Rubber Roller

Rubber Roller

Rubber Roller Features

KEW Engg & Mfg Pvt. Ltd. superior manufacturer of various sort of Rubber Roller. Various variety of Rubber Rollers like P U Roller, Ebonite Rollers, Hypalon Roller with a high-quality rubber material. Also, other Rollers and Rolls like Guide Roll, Metal Roll, Brush Roller with different size and width reckoning on your machine. Industry-specific Rubber Rolls for Flexible Packaging, Paper, Film, Textile and far more. Rubber Roller Manufacturer and exporter like Industrial Roller, Printing Roller, and Textile Rolle

All types of Rubber Roller like Ebonite Roller, Nip Roll, Rubber Expander, Bowed Roller, Knurling Roller, PU Roller, MS Roller, Neoprene rubber rolls, plastic roller, laminating rollers, synthetic rubber roller, hard anodized aluminium’s, inflatable rubber tube, metal expander, cooling roll, polyurethane roller, banana roller manufacturers, EPDM rubber roller, lamination rubber roller, rubber blanket, hard chrome plated roller, drying cylinder, bow roller, Rotogravure printing roller, Embossing roller, Anilox roller and more.

Various form of Coating for Rubber Rolls like Natural Rubber, Nitrile Rubber, Neoprene Rubber, Hypolone Rubber, Silicon Rubber, Ebonite Rubber. Rubber Rolls generally used and designed for various industry-specific use for, Pharmaceutical, Drugs-Medicine, FMCG-Food, Fabric, Leather, Jute, Sugar and far more. we’ve got been manufacturing and exporting all kinds of Rubber Rolls for various industries and Slitter Rewinder Machine.

Various types of Rubber Rollers manufacturer Sizes: Diameter up to 750 mm Length: Up to 9000 mm.

Roll Coating Chart:

Type of Coating Hardness
Nitrile Rubber 30 – 95
Neoprene Rubber 40 – 95
Hypolone Rubber 40 – 80
Silicone Rubber 35 – 75
Ebonite Rubber 100

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12Winding Rewinding Machines
Film Winding Rewinding Machine For Batch Coding
Winding Rewinding Machine For Batch Printing
Winding Rewinding Machine With Inkjet Printer
Winding Rewinding Machine With Thermal Transfer Overprinter
Winding Rewinding Machine With Multihead Inkjet Printer
Doctoring Film Strip Winding Rewinding Machine
Winding Rewinding Machine With Slitting System
Winding Rewinding Machine Without Slitting System
Coil Winding Machine
Winding Unwinding Machine
Roll To Roll Batch Printing Machine
Roll To Roll Winding Rewinding Machine For Batch Printing
9Doctoring Rewinding Machines
Doctoring Rewinding Machine
Doctoring Rewinding Machine Table Top
Table Top Doctoring Rewinding Machine
High Speed Doctoring Rewinding Machine
Heavy Duty Doctoring Rewinding Machine
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Doctoring Slitting Rewinding Machine
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Special Application For Doctoring Rewinding Machine
5Inspection Rewinding Machines
Doctoring Inspection Machine
Doctoring Inspection Machine with Slitting System
Inspection Doctoring Slitting Machine
Inspection Winding Rewinding Machine
Inspection Rewinding Machine for Inkjet and Batch Printing
6Industrial Inkjet Printers
Industrial Inkjet Printer
Industrial Inkjet Printer with Winding Rewinding Machine
Batch Coding Machine
Batch Printing Machine
Inkjet Printing Rewinder
Inkjet Print Rewinding Machine
2Industrial Thermal Transfer Printers
Industrial Thermal Transfer Printer
Thermal Transfer Overprinter TTO With Winding Rewinding Machine
7Slitting Rewinding Machines
Doctoring Slitting Rewinding Machine for Batch Printing
Slitting Rewinding Machine for Batch Printing / Coding
Inspection Slitting Rewinding Machine
Narrow Web Slitting Rewinding Machine
Label Application Doctoring Rewinding Machine
Winding Rewinding Slitting Machine with One Stage Slitting
Winding Rewinding Slitting Machine with Two Stage Slitting
4Repairing & Servicing
Repairing & Servicing of Doctoring Rewinding Machine
Repairing & Servicing of Winding Rewinding Machine
Repairing & Servicing of Web Gliding System for Doctoring Rewinding Machine
Repairing & Servicing of Control Panel for Doctoring Rewinding Machine
Web Guiding System
Unwinder Rewinder System
Rubber Roller
Industrial Roller
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